Cabinet Refinishing in Cutler Bay

The simple fact of the matter is that if you are Cutler Bay homeowner, your kitchen or bathroom are sure to be immediately enhanced by having a customized cabinet refinished. Sealy Trinbago Inc offer a range of individual and customized cabinets that, when refinished, can add immediate value to your home. Call our Cutler Bay office today to schedule a free appointment with one of our qualified staff members or to learn more about the detailed service we offer.

Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

When it comes to cabinet refacing, it is most certainly preferable to repair rather than replace. Without getting too deep into the technical aspects of cabinet design, the fact of the matter is that there a wide range of benefits that come from the replacement option. This is particularly true when it comes to cabinet refacing. In brief, cabinet refacing is the process of repairing damaged cabinet doors, fronts and knobs by replacing the existing parts and applying a veneer to all the externally visible parts of the cabinet. Not only does this process save a lot of money in the short and long-run, it can also prove to be a more durable and long-lasting option compared to buying a new cabinet for your kitchen or bathroom. With that in mind, here are four of the most obvious benefits of this approach:

More Straightforward:

What many carpenters or cabinet-makers won’t tell you is that cabinet replacement is a big task that often takes close to a week to complete. This generally will mean you having to change your work or domestic schedule to accommodate this new cabinet. By contrast, Sealy Trinbago Inc’s skilled team of professionals can complete even the most challenging cabinet refacing job in a day or two.

Reduces Waste:

The reality is that if your kitchen or bathroom cabinet is mostly in good condition then why remove them? Doing so, will, most likely, see them end up in landfills and contribute to the accumulation of hazardous waste material that is both bad for the environment and your budget as you will have to have it replaced. Why make this mistake when a much more straightforward option is to have the affected areas refaced?

Endless Possibilities:

If you choose Sealy Trinbago Inc for your cabinet refacing, then you can rest assured that there will be a wide range of options available to you. Our skilled team of craftsmen do refinishing work on the exterior of cabinets and drawers without removing the doors themselves. In cases like this, new veneers are applied to the exterior while new knobs and pulls also being installed. This will leave your cabinet looking as good as new in no time at all.


The vast majority of kitchen or bathroom cabinets in Cutler Bay homes contain formaldehyde. This hazardous material is particularly dangerous if it ends up in landfills should you decide to replace your kitchen cabinets. Don’t make this mistake. Instead reface the affected area. This will not only prevent dangerous toxins being released, it will also prevent the demolition of more trees.